“Simple Pleasure Facial”

Ultrasound exfoliation, pore detox, moisturizing, face mask

“Problematic Skin Revival”

Acne facial, pore detox, green tea clay mask

“Muscle Up Facial”

Ultrasound exfoliation, RF muscle toning, face mask

“The Ultimate Facial”

Ultrasound exfoliation, RF muscle toning, massage, Oxyjet infusion, face mask

“Heavenly Relaxation”

Face & Neck relaxation massage

“Detox Spoon”

Facial Muscle toning and lymphatic drainage massage

“Honey Facial Massage”

Gentle exfoliation, deep skin hydration & boost of beneficial nutrients

“MesoGlow Treatment”

Mesotherapy treatment where the skin is infused with solutions containing placenta, nucleoproteins, oligo-elements and vitamins in order to achieve antiaging effect

“Skin BB Treatment”

Intensive revitalization of the skin with hyaluronic acid or biorevitalization solution

“Skin Tag Be Gone”

Skin tag removal
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